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Waterproofing Services


• Cistern Tank
• Toilet & Bath
• Aircon Box
• Laundry
• Kitchen
• Small and Large Interior Areas
• Suspended Ramp
• Parking
• Driveway
• Basement
• Indoor Garden
• Concrete Gutter

• Firewalls
• Parapets/Retaining Wall
• Exposed Vertical Concrete Wall
• Structural Concrete Roof Deck
• G.I. Roof
• Swimming Pool
• G.I. Gutters
• Canopies
• Elevator Pits
• Plant Boxes
• Drive way
• Sewage Treatment Plant ( STP )

Waterproofing Services for

Firewall Parapet Walls

Materials to be used:
6 Coats of Elastomeric with fiberglass mesh reinforcement.
(Treatment of cracks using Structural epoxy and or water plug included)

Roof Deck, Toilet And Bath, Swimming Pool
Balconies, Concrete Gutter, & Canopies

Materials to be used:
4.5mm /3mm Thick Torch applied Bituminous Membrane. Hot Applied. 3 coats cementitious flexible type waterproofing membrane. Cold applied (Included treatment of cracks using structural epoxy or water plug)

Cistern Tank

Materials to be used:
Epoxy tank lining white 2 coats.
Cementitious/crystalization2 coats with waterplug.

STP Sewage Treatment Plant
Fire Tank

Materials to be used:
Cementitious crystallization with water plug

G.I. Roofing

Materials to be used:
Cold applied 6 coats elastomeric with fiber glass mesh