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Our Word is Our Bond

Our Story

We were established in 1990 as “Casanova Waterproofing and Supply” by our founders, Spouses Loreto A. Rivadillo and Jasmin B. Rivadillo. Since then, and spanning for 28 years now, our company specializes in providing quality waterproofing services, catering to the needs of our individual and corporate clients across the entire Philippines.

In July 2018, we decided to change our name to our present name, “RFCS Construction”, replacing the word “waterproofing” with “construction”. This is in line with our growing business and our bid for expansion to other areas of construction. The word “waterproofing” was thus replaced in order to emphasize that the services the we offer are no longer limited to water-proofing services.

With its almost 3 decades of existence, our company possesses the experience, depth of understanding, and the capability required to engage in the construction industry. But of course, our ability in developing waterproofing systems that provide long term protection to the structures of our clients is simply unparalleled.